Life Update: January Recap

We’re almost caught up to February. If you missed the October, November, and December recap, you can find them herehere, and here. So here’s the recap for January.

I’m participating in Ali Edward’s One Little Word project. I chose the word “Go” for 2014.

I started stocking up on Valentine’s Day supplies. (More like I’m hoarding them.)

My Filofax collection has grown significantly since November… meet my Metropol, Saffiano, and Finsbury planners in personal and pocket sizes. They are all raspberry colored.

I was tagged to do a Handwriting Challenge. I feel like I should develop or evolve my handwriting.

I got some cuddle time in with Kujo. <3

I watched the Downton Abbey, Season Four premiere on January 5th!

Chris and I joined a Bikram Yoga studio and I went 5 times during the first week! Going forward I plan on going on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Chris can usually go with me on Sundays and Thursdays. It’s nice to spend time with him outside the home doing something healthy.

Our pups, Phidan and Kujo, got haircuts! They look so adorable!

The price of US postage stamps went up on January 19th. I was stocking up on stamps and the one and four cents definitive stamps.

I found my Q&A 5 year journal and decided I wanted to start it up again in February. As I’m writing this, I realized that I’m already a week behind.

I got a bunch of penpal letters that are waiting for me to respond. I’m trying to get back to all letter within a week or two. I even keep a penpal log to remind me. When I get new letters, I write the date I received them on the back.

We’ve been on a tea buying binge… here’s our latest Yogi tea collection.

Well, that was my January. How was yours?

Life Update: December Recap

The last four months was a blur. If you missed the October and November recap, you can find them here and here. So here’s the recap for December.

I hosted a Christmas Giveaway on Instagram.

I quickly followed that up with another giveaway! Boy, was I crazy to offer so many winners!

Here’s the finished wristlets and envelope clutch.

Phidan was sick this month. He caught kennel cough – it’s doggie bronchitis. Poor thing. Kujo was fine. I attribute that to his having been vaccinated before and also because he’s a mutt.

Apparently he was fine after some meds and lots of rest. He decided to want to walk around in the snow storm.

Chris bought a laptop so he could play his computer games like DotA2 while he’s at my mom’s house.

I love seeing this welcome sign!

We visited NYC on December 22. It was so hot that day! Almost 70 degrees F. We started out bundled and ended up holding out jackets by mid-afternoon. It also rained for a bit. What crazy weather, huh?

I made apple pie for our Christmas Eve dinner. My mom went fancy with the shrimp yum. We had to leave on Christmas Day because Chris had to the work the day after.

I spent Christmas morning trying something new. I embroidered my handmade envelopes!

Went a bit crazy and bought every color of the Wink of Stella glitter brushes. I’m still waiting on the Silver one.

I stalked our garbage and recycling collectors… I wanted to give them my mom’s homemade cookies.

More embroidered envelopes. These are so fun to stitch up. I used Amy Tangerine’s embroidery stencils.

I caught up on the last episode of Downton Abbey, season three. Season four will be on soon!!!

Chris and I celebrated New Year’s Eve at our friend’s house. Smiles!

How was your New Year’s Eve? Did you stay in? Go out? January updates are next!

Life Update: November Recap

Hi! I’m doing a quick recap of the last four months. If you missed October, you can find it here. So here’s the recap for November!

I sent out the first round of Penpal Album letters.

I convinced Chris to let me make the office into my craft room and he agreed! I moved his computer into the living room and moved my cube shelving system into the craft room.

We had our first Starbucks red cup of the season.

Then we went to IKEA and took our first IKEA mirror selfie.

I started watching the Korean drama (K-drama) Heirs. I love Lee Min Ho!

Chris got me a little pedometer. I like gadgets.

I purchased a Calligraphy Starter kit. Yes, I started yet another hobby.

I started collecting raspberry colored Filofax planners. As if I didn’t have enough material possessions are home. They are really pretty. Finsbury on the left, Saffiano on the right.

I went out to lunch with Kelsey the day before she moved to New York for her new job. Of course I didn’t take a picture of the two of us. Typical me… I took pictures of food. I actually saw her and her bf during Thanksgiving and forgot to get a picture of us again. Fail.

I’m still working on this sweater… since September 2012.

I was excited about the Harry Potter stamps that were released on November 18th!

I celebrated Thanksgiving at my mom’s house. Lots of food for everyone! Kujo loves spending time at “Grandma’s”.

That’s it for November. How did you spend Thanksgiving? Next up is December.

Life Update: October Recap

Wow! Is it really February already? It’s been almost 4 months since I last posted a blog post. Where have I been? Here. I’ve been busy with Instagram and penpalling. I thought it would be fun to recap the past 4 months with photos. So here’s the recap for October!

Chris bought me the Amy Tangerine Navy Jack Bag!

I hosted my first giveaway on Instagram.

I also made an embroidery for the giveaway winner, Mandee, based on her artwork.

Chris and I went into Boston’s North End for cannolis. I got lucky and didn’t have to wait on a line at Mike’s Pastry.

I started creating a penpal album to store fun info about my 20+ penpals.

Chris and I had a date night to see RadioLab’s Apocalyptical show at the Wang Theater. We had dinner at Xinh Xinh in Boston’s Chinatown and dessert at Lollicup in Allston. Good thing Chris decided to ask the kids working at Lollicup if they were still open at 10:55 pm because I would have been so sad if they weren’t.

Jenny and I hosted a joint giveaway at the end of the month.

Last, but not least… Chris and I saw Josh Groban in concert! It was so amazing and I loved it! I can’t wait to see him again on his next tour!

November updates are next!

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